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Don't confuse him with Semtex, the powerful explosive invented and produced in Czechoslovakia since the end of the sixties ! Even though...Cemtex himself comes from Besancon in France and saw the light of day at the beginning of the millenium. However, both are highly explosive...
It all started in 2001 when he began composing on machines. His definite Frenchcore style is influenced by artists such as Network, Radium, Micropoint, Producer, Hardcoholics... Starting in 2003 he did a lot of Free Parties throughout the east France. As productive as he was motivated, he knew that there was no other way than to confront his productions with a demanding public.
He gained experience and maturity and started to produce his own vinyls from 2006 onwards. Three years and a dozen vinyls later, he signed 2 maxis with Audiogenic, thus joining the dream team which made him want to produce his incisive music.
Today he has released more than twenty discs (Neurotoxic, Abralcore, Necrosociety, Astrofonik, Cosmic Baby, Tryptamineetc).
Every week end he plays throughout Europe giving pleasure to all the Frenchcore fans.


Born in 1985 in paris neighborhoods, starting first by playing guitar at the age of 14 , his style was metal/rock. In 2001, he started of being interested about tekno/hardcore immediatly after listening a live of MICROPOINT and fell immediatly in love with the most violent/darkside of the electronic music. He then tried to make his own productions a bit later, in the end of 2008, and begins to play in a lot of party in Italy with nearly all the most important artists from the hardcore,frenchcore, and hardtekno scene (Radium, Rotterdam terror corps, Micropoint, Maissouille, D-tox, Frazzbass, The destroyer, Manu le malin, Empatysm, Akira, Dr macabre Osmik, mat WB and much more...). In early 2011 he signed his first vynils on Astrofonik, and Lowfactory records and started to play in other country like Belgium, Holland and Spain. His productions and his liveset are famous to be very loud and pumpy !


Self-taught composer and live performer, Jerkkk, a 26-year old from Lille, is an active part of the underground electronic music scene as an independent artist. On the strength of his experience with the collective Ennordbeat Sound System where his live Hardcore/Breakcore performances confirmed him as one apart, he, in 2007, decided to go it on his own to produce his own tracks. He started composing with groove boxes (Yamaha RM1 and Roland MC909), but quickly found himself limited by the capacity of these instruments. In his perpetual quest for a cleaner, heavier sound, DAW (digital audio workstation) was a natural fit and as such, enabled him to push the limit of creativity. Nourished by the Punk, Rock, and Metal movements, Jerkkk has always sought the most extreme electric sounds, judiciously melding classic Hardcore to the wildest Breakcore/Hardcore around.

Junky Wankerz

After a scientific experimentation about different kinds of herbs. The professors Jay & Gor, from the westside of a city which is near the center of a country in one of the 5 continents on Earth, got intoxicated by these herbs and woke up one day with kicks, bass & snares hitting their brain.High damaged, they decided to use this trouble in making music by composing and assembling sounds.The Junky Wankerz project was born.
Nowadays and since the machine's been launched, they get feed by digital frequencies and medicine products. Come have a look to their strange and green world, maybe you will never come back to real life then…

Lady M!a

Singer and electronic music producer Lady Mia has always been engaged in music since her early childhood. When she was only 6 years old, she began to study piano and drums until 2006. As a young girl she sang with various ltalian vocal coaches joining several workshops with Mary Setrakian, vocal coach for the cast of Aida, The Lion King, Tarzan 
and Bombay Dreams in Broadway and Elisabeth Howard, the vocal coach of the rock band, The Police. 
In 2006/07 she sang for the pop music band "To crash in the event of fire" and, from 2008, in private parties and public spaces, accompanied by a band of three or four elements (bass, guitar, drums, keyboard). In December 2009, at the age of 18, she began to produce and mix her own music in rave parties and clubs around Europe, having several releases through different underground hardtekno labels. 
After being graduated at the University of West London and after being influenced by other music genres in 2012 she decides to start a completely new project under a new artist name "Alkimia" where she can express her potential in both ways: singing and composing her own productions

Pirate Mind

A native of Marseille, Pirate Mind is a passionate actor Hardcore movement. It was in 1997 that his story begins with the hardcore. At first simple music lover hard, he attended the free party near his home. But the desire to be an actor of this movement is quickly felt and in 1999 he joined the sound system Marseille depraved / FTP with whom he produced many free parties in the region. His taste for the stage and its commitment to grow the electronic organizing events such as Hardcore Freaks in 2006 and 2007. He is interested in all genres who do hardcore, of the Industrial Doomcore via Frenchcore. Pirate Mind cultivates a great knowledge of this music. Its main influences in all styles of music hard and committed to our time. Punk protest of blacks in B�ruriers Hip Hop Wu-Tang Clan, of course not forgetting the hardcore Lenny Dee, Radium, Promo, Ophidian, Micropoint, Unexist the same ... Those who gave him the urge to compose. The year 2002 gave him the desire to accomplish in the composition. He follows his libertarian aspirations and decided to create his own label in 2006 "Necrosociety", with outputs such as Radium, Stromtrooper, Dj Tsx, and Skoza Rbmz (Progamers) Cemtex, The Mastery .....


Born at the end of the utopian 70’s, Franck Sébillaud, a.k.a PSIKO fell into techno music in 1993 by discovering Bonzai Records, Thunderdome and ID&T’s compilations. 
At the end of 1996 he participated to the Teknival in Rennes that led him to be more and more involved behind the wall of Loudspeakers instead of being in front of them in order to watch keenly what the DJ did. 
In 1997 he bought his first player and his first vinyl’s.
In 1998 he founded Radiation Sound System with Gobus and he achieved a real identity and a comfortable reputation. Taking part to every free and teknivals of the area (and far more) he played with the greatest’s sound systems DJs.
Playing as well drum’n bass, Tribe, Hardtek, Tribecore, Hardfloor, Gabber, Hardcore,as Schranz, he particularly showed an interest for Micropoint and Radium’s frenchcore. 
In 2004 the idea of producing some titles was an evidence for him after having discussed with Maissouille in Scaer Teknival. So that he invested himself more and more on, Ableton, a software that had been recommended by Gobus, to improve himself on the computer-aided music.
From 2006 to 2008 Psiko produced over fifteen vinyl’s and several mixed CDs.
In the same year, vinyl’s production gave him the opportunity to join the prestigious label “Audiogenic”.
Since 2008 Psiko has been travelling throughout Europe to spread his fabulous beats during mix or live sets of anthology. So that he produces himself with those who has influenced him: Radium, Hellfish, The Speedfreak, Tieum, Hardcoholics, Maissouille, Pattern J, Micropoint, Evil Activities, Meccano Twins, Art of Fighters, Progamers, The DJ Producer, Venom, Ophidian, The Wishmaster, The Sickest Squad, etc...
After directing two pure frenchcore album in 2010 and 2012 and several release since 2013, he’s more than ever determined to spread his music wherever he can. Expect to see him off-loading near you!!!!


RbMz began to compose with drum machine, then with a computer and learned turntables with tribal, hard rock, metal, hip-hop and techno influences with the only aim of stirring up the dancefloors by mixing dark moods with a devastating rhythmic. He is musician since his childhood; he learned to play piano and guitar when he was eight, which is a key asset in his way of thinking and composing electronic music. After several solo releases on Audiogenic, he only composed under the name of Progamers with his friend Skoza for the last years.
He is also a video editor & special effects man, working with Audiogenic on promotion videos.

The Braindrillerz

The Braindrillerz is an italian duo founded in 2010 by two members of the "Violent Underground" crew, Sebastian and Inktomi

Sebastian, DJ/Live Performer/Producer, born in 1982, based in Turin (IT), he supports the cause " live is better". 
He started to play progressive/techno music in '97/'98 in many parties and big clubs till 2000 when he went to his first free party 
discovering a new passion
for the 'hard' underground music. 
Inktomi,DJ/Live Performer/Producer,based in Sanremo (IT), move the first step in to the music playing drums in various italian metal/hardcore bands, 
till 2005 when he went to his first rave party and he discovered a new passion for electronic music. 
From that day he started producing his own tracks with Reason and Ableton.
During summer 2010 they decided to join their styles in a new heavy hardcore sound, where the main characteristics are the strong kick-drum, melodies and angry vocals, few recorded by Sebastian.
Their goal is to produce different music genres such as Hardtekno, Hardfloor, Hardcore, Frenchcore, and Terror although they have got an open-minded curiosity towards all the music.
We have a mission, spread the Drill 'N' Kore sound all over the world! So...
now it's time to play! 
The Braindrillerz will kick your fuckin face!!!!