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Title: Suck Or Die !
Artist: Psiko

4 pure dancefloor tracks by Psiko, including a remix from Nirvana

Title: Defloration
Artist: Junky Wankerz

Noise Bomb is proud to release their first EP !! 

Title: Scanning
Artist: Cemtex

Cemtex back again with 5 fresh tracks, more melodic, more punchy !

Title: Forza Italia !
Artist: The Braindrillerz - Lady M!a - DAM

3 italians killers in a radical release

Title: My Jungle
Artist: Pirate Mind

Serious beat hardcore with Pirate Mind ! Welcome to Noise Bomb !

Title: Mechanical Disorder
Artist: Jerk

Atomic release from Jerk ! Melodious and intricate, pounding but powerful

Title: Don't Do That
Artist: RBMZ

Here is the second release from Noise Bomb Records !! Including 5 very efficient tracks from RbMz (Progamers) with cutting edge rhythms and dynamic vocals !

Title: Dynamix
Artist: Cemtex

First Noise Bomb's release with Cemtex ! Ultra solid construction for a solid bended beat. Including one Ragga Hardcore track.